NECROPHOBIC hlásí návrat dvou kytaristů a práce na novém albu

NECROPHOBIC hlásí návrat dvou kytaristů a práce na novém albu

Švédské black/death metalisty Necrophobic zastihli nečekané změny. Johan Bergebäck a Sebastian Ramstedta, kteří z kapely odešli v roce 2011 se nyní vrátili. Z kapely byl odejit Fredrik Folkare, který k útvaru nastoupil jako náhrada v roce 2011. Každého fanouška jistě potěší informace, že Necrophobic začali psát skladby pro nástupce desky Womb Of Lilithu vycházející někdy ke konci příštího roku. Níže si můžete přečíst vyjádření bubeníka skupiny Joakima Sternera.

"The last couple of years, Fredrik has been handling all the guitar parts as a single guitarist. He is a great guitar player, but he can't play two guitars live and to have two guitarists is an important part of our sound — especially live. The music is written for two guitars. It has been so in the past and it's still so today. Lately, I have also come to realize that me and Fredrik are too far from each other on the musical side. Our mindset and our musical roots are too different.

"Necrophobic is very special in that way that it has very strict, call it rules, on how music shall sound, and not to sound, so with that in mind, along with that one guitar player was 'missing' live, I slowly started to think of this solution — to let Fredrik go. It's always hard to tell a person to go, especially since we have always got along very well on the personal basis. He's a great guy, but I had to set the band, and what's best for the band, in first place. There's no hard feelings between us. At least not from my side."

Joakim added: "Since some time back, a newborn relationship started with my old friends, and former bandmates, Sebastian and Johan, and that made this lineup change into reality. Sebastian was part of this band for fifteen years and Johan for ten years, so I'm really excited to have them back in the band again and I'm looking forward to what we will accomplish together, both live and on the songwriting terms."

Anders Strokirk - Vocals
Alexander Friberg - Bass
Joakim Sterner - Drums
Sebastian Ramstedt - Guitar
Johan Bergebäck - Guitar

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